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Beginning of a new adventure


It wasn't long ago that the idea of having a bee supply store came to mind. When Jerry went out of business and the beekeepers in Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock counties lost their local bee supplier. It was a blow to the local area and we were scrambling to find a new supplier. My wife Becky and I tossed this around with a close friend, we we decided that the time just was not right. I was working full time, she was working full time and our close friends were working full time. We decided that this just wont work now. Well I had a life changing event that allowed me more time, and we moved to my wife's childhood home in Shenandoah County.

We it was decided that the time was right to open a bee supply store and through all the market research, talking with the two major bee equipment suppliers in the US we decided to go with Dadant & Sons. Patrick Ferrer has since left Dadant for personal reasons and I now work with Mark and Emily at the Chatham office and they are wonderful to work with. Always have a cheerful voice to greet you and now I know a smile.

It has been sort of a roller coaster ride. After having been in the beekeeping for as long as I have I am still learning new things and hearing different ideas almost daily. Some of which are interesting and they have good sound science behind them, others well lets just say they are good ideas and yet unproven.

I hope that all the beekeepers that I have met and the future ones yet to meet will return to the store and come to the store even if it is to share a story or an idea. There are no bad ideas or concepts until proven otherwise.

I hope everyone has a great day and a happy coming weekend. This blog will be updated weekly on Wednesdays. There may be things that some may not agree with, and things that some will agree with but I will give all sides of advice, issues that arise, and news in the bee world.

Stay tuned this is just beginning, I hope it is a long roller coaster ride.

Bee Yourself and Bee Happy Everyday

Bill the Beekeeper

PS E Gift cards are now available on our website.

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